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02 January 2012


Message from the chamber President and CEO

San Diego South Chamber President David Joy sWow! We can't believe it's already 2012. The start of a new year is very refreshing.This is going to be the year that we will discover new opportunities and thrive! We can look back at last year and say: Thank God I went through some of those tough times and errors. You'll be better poised this year as a result of having learned so much, grown your professional relationships, and created a solid foundation to be victorious in 2012. We're confident that our members will see this vision come to fruition just as we're confident the chamber will share in their victories.


After a few months of intense thought, designing, and building we're pleased to announce San Diego County's Most Valuable Chamber Membership! Through our interactions with thousands of business owners, we've discovered that passionate-about-their-business business owners are more interested in a chamber that will help them grow their business and increase their profit margins than a chamber that specializes in politics and social events. So, we added even more value to our paid membership packages--Enterprise: designed for small businesses and Corporate for our larger firms.

We are still keeping our Freemium Membership Level (AKA Limited). Many have asked us why do we offer a Freemium Membership. Are we crazy? The answer is simple: We're the good guys and we don't charge for things that others offer that we can give for free. We never forget that our primary objective is to help the region strive. We're confident that when our freebie members see the exceptional value we give away, they'll know we care. But, most importantly, they'll want to invest into their future by taking advantage of the unmatched value of our paid membership benefits!

On a related note, we've launched the new beta phase 1 chamber website at www.sdscc.org. The old one simply couldn't handle the increased demand. Which is a good thing, we believe. Thanks to our sponsor and strategic partner at Synchronistic Solutions, the chamber is looking very sleek and streamlined better than ever before with even more functionalities and resources for you on the way! In addition, we're working together to provide new marketing services, strategies, and website development!

We know you'll go further this year. But, remember you're only accountable to yourself. Make the decision to commit yourself to growth by taking advantage of every program,  workshop, and special member only clinics this year and follow through with the tools you gain.  Watch your business grow and your profit margins increase!

And give us a call or shoot us an email when you need a little help.

Best wishes,
David Joy             Ed Herrera
President             Chief Executive Officer

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  • Jessica Gilbertson
    Jessica Gilbertson
    28 January 2012 at 17:21 |

    Congratulations to SDSCC! We look forward to get involved on the chamber's activities in 2012.

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