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20 December 2011

7 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress During Holidays

Don't Go Broke This Holiday...For a Change

The Holidays are a time for family, memories, joy, peace and contentment. For some, the holidays can be a source of great stress, unrealistic expectations and debt. Learn how to enjoy the holiday season without going broke for a change, as well as 7 ways to relieve financial stress during the Holidays.

How to Enjoy the Holiday Season Without Going Broke…For A Change

SpendSmart™  Money Saving Tips:

  •     Communicate and discuss what the holiday season will look like with family.
  •     Determine ahead of time which family members will exchange gifts.
  •     If you have a large family, have a gift exchange game.
  •     Set spending limits for each gift.
  •     If you have to buy less, you spend less; we call it, SpendSmart™.


7 Steps to Reducing Financial Stress During the Holidays

Do you know the top reasons for financial stress during the Holidays? They are:

  •     Job loss
  •     Financial disaster
  •     Self-imposed
  •     Materialism
  •     Social expectations
  •      Lack of planning

Here are 7 steps to relieving financial stress during the Holidays:

   1. Identify the reason for your stress during the holiday season.
   2. Create memorable family moments.
   3. Don’t add to your debt.
   4. Get organized.
   5. Create several holiday budgets.
   6. Make a plan.
   7. Take time for yourself.

In our next Holiday post, we'll reveal:

  •     5 Ways to Avoid Impulse Shopping During the Holidays, and
  •     How to Save Money After the Holidays!


About the Authors: Co-Founders, Jeff Morris and Greg Spencer are co-authors of SpendSmart, Invest In Your Debt, and Discover Your Inner Strength. Jeff and Greg have personal and real life experience dealing with today’s financial, marital, and family challenges. Whether you have experienced a foreclosure, bankruptcy, job loss, relationship issues, a turn for the worse in your business, or family stress; SpendSmart workshops provide engaging, humorous and unique insights. To Learn more visit http://www.spendsmart.org 

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